Decision Made

The decision deadline was last weekend and I confirmed my decision, accepting one of the offers and declining the other.  I’m excited that I’ll be starting my new program officially near the end of summer.

I’m already starting to think about the fact that this journey is really about to begin.  I’d be lying if I said that I weren’t still in a bit of shock – euophoric shock, for sure, but still shock.  Despite everything that I had going against me, I managed to make this happen – and no amount of actually thinking about it makes me view it as quite a (wonderful) surprise.

For example, if I hadn’t been in the position to take the research assistant position with UBC, I suspect I’d have been less likely to have been offered admission there.  Of course, had I not been summarily dismissed from my job just a couple weeks earlier, i wouldn’t have been in a position to do so.   Pretty exciting, indeed!