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US Patent 9,830,329 Issued

US Patent 9,830,329 issued November 28, 2017.

It is about a technique for utilizing a pre-existing tunneling mechanism to invoke remote functionality. The original inspiration for this was the need to communicate from a component on a client system to utilize functionality available on the server.

The first case for this was when I wanted to obtain meta-data that was maintained on the server, but not available to me on the client. By exploiting a pass-through mechanism in the Windows SMB client, I could send a query to the server, have a component on the server get the answer, and respond back to my software on the client. This turns out to be useful in several cases – and doing it through the existing SMB infrastructure allowed a clean, functional solution.

New Patent Issued!

US Patent 9,535,759 issued yesterday, my latest patent.

It’s not up on Google Patents yet, though it is here:¬†http://patents.com/us-9535759.html (it requires registration to get a PDF version of it).

Need to update the CV…